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from pornstache to beard, Jake G has single handedly changed my taste in men

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--- Quote from: Becky on April 13, 2006, 09:07:51 am ---
--- Quote from: amh625 on April 13, 2006, 08:56:16 am ---I know, he makes everything he does unbearably sexy!  Even looking at a parking meter (per the JakeWatch site)!

Thanks for posting these pics, I hadn't seen them yet.

--- End quote ---

He can't stare at the parking meter anymore cause it has gone, curtosy of yours truely!  :laugh:

But if you are fans of the beardy-beard you need to get over to Jake watch now! Aload of the guys from there are saying they want to get rid of the beard and me and Chantelle are the only ones sticking up for it! The evil people who want to get rid of the beardy-beard have started a "Kill Dill Campain".

Me and Chantelle have started a save the beard campain, it is called "SOD" or "Save Our Dill"(Dill is what we have christened the beard cause it is basically the only character from TKM that he hasn't named one of his pets afer)
So please pop over to JakeWatch and give your well needed suport to Dill and the "SOD Campain".

Save Our Dill underneath:

Kissing a man without facial hair is like eating an egg without salt. It's perfectly possible and OK, but not nearly as much fun!

Damn it Jeff, you have made me really want to have some egg and salt now! Hey thanks for the lunch ideas! ::)

--- End quote ---

ROFL! Becky I thought that was you over there! I actually just posted there last night about how much I love the beard... but under anonymous cause I didn't feel like signing up... maybe I'll go make a screen name and add my two cents!!

Save our dill indeed, mmmmmmm  ::)

Yeah I am on there as Miss Twist! You don't have to sign up, you just need to click on other, add your name and leave the web page bit blank. Thaks for your suport! We need to save the Dill! O0 <Upside down Dill!


--- Quote from: Jeff Wrangler on April 13, 2006, 08:53:24 am ---Kissing a man without facial hair is like eating an egg without salt. It's perfectly possible and OK, but not nearly as much fun!  ;)

--- End quote ---

Oh, I know.  My first love had quite the pornstache.  Still has, I reckon.  And he had those doe eyes, too, only deep, dark and delicious brown with red and gold flecks.  And his eyelashes were a mile and half long and twice as thick.  Damn him.

Jeff Wrangler:
Ya know, Jake with a pornstache, Jake clean-shaven, Jake with a few days' growth, Jake with a full beard--in the end, all that really matters is, it's Jake. ...

(I guess whether or not he's got facial hair, he's still got that happy trail. ...  ;D )

Damn, all these guys I'm hearing about with great lashes, and all I've got are ordinary blue eyes and hardly any lashes to notice. My mother had beautiful long natural eyelashes. So who do I take after? My father. ...

I got the long lashes in my family - they actually come from my father.  My son got 'em also, blue eyes and strawberry blond hair and all, God bless 'im.  My husband has the beautifully deep blue eye color, but no lashes or brows to speak of.  It's so interesting to see how the genes play out.  Will has his smallish, shortish eyebrows but my long, thick, dark lashes.  We can't figure out whose nose he has, though - doesn't seem to be either of ours!


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